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02/08/2009 11:03

Hardware adventures

I've been assembling computers for over 10 years now, and even built PC based rack mounted servers for a company I was involved in. The advantages of building your own machines are of course the lower costs and the freedom to select and mix the best/cheapest/fastest components available (these...


26/07/2009 12:52

Open Source & Dutch Politics

No, this isn't about the Dutch government and their efforts to promote Open Source & Open Standards, but during the trip back home from our holiday destination the following analogy occurred to me. In the Netherlands, we have a very fragmented multi-party political system. This means...


24/06/2009 18:09

Pentaho book near finish

The Pentaho Solutions book Roland and I have been working on since last year is near publication. Great cover, isn't it?   ps. here's a sneak preview of the reporting chapter  


23/06/2009 09:40

Lucidera calls it quits

Lucidera, a BI SaaS vendor that heavily relied on open source technology, announced that they will end business by the end of the month. Read the full story here.


15/06/2009 09:00

TDWI Munich

On June 15-17 the annual European TDWI event will take place in Munich. I'll be presenting a data mining course together with Mark Madsen.


04/06/2009 14:00

IT Works Open Source BI

On June 4, 2009 Jos van Dongen will be your host during a full-day Open Source BI seminar for IT Works in Brussels (Belgium). The seminar gives you a thorough overview of existing and emerging technologies and vendors. It will explain how to incorporate Open Source software into your existing BI...


30/05/2009 18:37

Pentaho and Infobright deliver virtual OS BI solution

People still hesitating to take a peek at open source BI solutions are now served with the easiest way by far to have a complete BI solution in operation within minutes (!). Pentaho and Infobright have jointly developed a Virtual Machine that can be downloaded from the Infobright site. Setting it...


07/05/2009 09:24

Community Choice Awards 2009

The best Open Source projects can now be nominated for the Community Choice Awards 2009. Fill in your entries here:


03/04/2009 11:29

Pentaho book on Amazon!

The Pentaho Solutions book can already be pre-ordered on Amazon. It only needs finalizing (writing the last chapters, copy editing, expert review, author review, 2nd editing round) and printing


20/03/2009 10:07

Interesting TDWI post

The latest post on the TDWI site by Stephen Swoyer about bulk load performance contains several paragraphs written by Jos van Dongen based on his TPC-H SF100 load experiments. Please beware that there is one misquote in the article: Steve writes that OS DB's cannot load faster than 20-30 GB/Hr....